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The Essential AI assistant for Developers. DevGPT combines ChatGPT and our 30+ mini-devtools to help you test public APIs, query databases, generate code and interactive art, and a lot more in just seconds to help you save 10s of hours every week!

Generate Config for Public APIs in a click

Finish testing APIs in seconds not minutes or hours

Blazing-fast ⚡

100s of public APIs supported

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Query Postgres Databases with Plain English

Reduce SQL writing time by 90% and get results in seconds

Generate SQL in seconds

Plot results

MySQL and SQL Server support coming soon

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Generate and Execute Code all within our chat interface

Build features swiftly and test them in isolation and then bring them into your codebase with confidence

10s of languages supported

Execute code in seconds

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Give wings to your creativity

Awaken the creative coder in you by experimenting with our code generation and p5.js tools to create cool art and mini games

1000s of patterns to unfold

Easily capture screenshots and recordings to share your creations with the world

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Exclusive Community
While we have an amazing free community of 250+ developers on Discord, we have an even more amazing exclusive sub-community for our Pro users.

Tens of curated experts

Our exclusive community is a diverse group: From high-achieving students to FAANG Engineers to startup founders

Virtual meetup once every 2 months

Exclusive Q&A Forum

Prioritized responses

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All your favorite tools in one place. No need to manage multiple apps, websites, and CLI tools. Reduce context-switching and boost your productivity.

Beautiful and fast utilities

Test snippets, write docs, transform data, and perform other common tasks with our Editors and Utilities with blazing-fast speed ⚡

7 Editors

10+ Utilities

Test APIs and Manage Databases with ease

Test APIs. Query and visualize data. All within your browser ✨

API Client

Database Client

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Frequently asked questions

Online developer tools for common operations are scattered and are almost always riddled with ads. You can't know for sure if they are leaking your sensitive data or not. We make money purely through carefully designed ads and subscriptions. So, our business model allows to keep the best interests of our users in mind.

Also, we are fanatical about developer experience and we are committed to building the most intutive tools for each common usecase.

DevUtils is a macOS-only app. We believe a lot more developers will be able to make use of the common utilities if they were free and could be accessed on a browser in a matter of seconds. Also, our design and variety of tools are quite different from it.

We feel CyberChef is not very friendly to use. The recipe model is not very intuitive at least to new users. Crafting a separate tool for each common usecase seems like a better approach.